Fly fishing

Fly Fishing

Triglav national park and Julian Alps are the perfect natural habitat for wildlife, which helps with the prolific insect hatches that create some of the most spectacular fishing in Europe.


Bohinj is one of the best known fly fishing areas in Slovenia. Pristine water and cunning fish ensure good and challenging fishing. The area offers unspoilt nature and easy access to fishing spots, where each angler can find their own personal space.


Fishing area 1: Lake Bohinj

The glacial Lake Bohinj, the biggest lake in Slovenia, is home to a native lake trout, burbot and whiting. A non-native species is the lake trout or zlatovščica, which now predominates in the lake, and is prized as a speciality by gourmet fishermen. On Lake Bohinj fishing from the shore or a boat with one line is permitted. The following are permitted: spinning, fly fishing and coarse fishing; fishing with one rod and one artificial or dead bait. The Lake Bohinj fishing area is administered entirely by the Bohinj Fishing Society (Ribiška družina Bohinj).

The fishing season runs from 1 March to 14 November.

Fishing area 2: Sava Bohinjka River

The Sava Bohinjka River is a lovely Alpine river that flows out of Lake Bohinj, running through a narrow valley at times squeezed into a gorge. This river is home primarily to salmonids such as the brook trout, grayling, rainbow trout, Danube salmon (or huchen) and whiting.

The only permitted method of angling is fly fishing. Fishermen can choose their method: catch and keep or catch and release. The first part of the fishing area stretches from the outflow of the Sava Bohinjka River from Lake Bohinj to the road bridge below Bohinjska Bistrica, which is administered by the Bohinj Fishing Society, and the second part, administered by the Slovenian Fishing Institute, runs from this bridge to the dam at Soteska.

The fishing season runs from 1 April to 14 November.


Fishing area 3: Mostnica River

The Mostnica is a stream that rises at the head of the Alpine valley of Voje, and is known primarily for its deep channels that the pristine water has furrowed out on its way to the valley. The fishing area stretches from the dam at Stara Fužina to the confluence with the Sava Bohinjka River. It is administered by the Bohinj Fishing Society.

The stream is home to brook trout, rainbow trout and grayling. In the Mostnica area anglers are permitted only to do catch and release fishing, and fly fishing is the permitted method. A maximum of five anglers per day are permitted on the Mostnica. – spusti, dovoljeni način ribolova je muharjenje. V Mostnici lahko dnevo izvaja ribolov največ 5 ribičev.

The fishing season runs from 1 April to 14 November.